The person who defied all odds and remained out of the reach of the law enforcing agencies for decades. Taking refuge deep behind the enemy lines. Yes, we are talking about none other than, Dawood Ibrahim.

The Mumbai mafia boss was the master mind behind the 1993 Mumbai blasts that killed over 250 people and has been a fugitive running his underworld kingdom from Pakistan since his escape from India 23 year ago. He was also placed on the United Nations Security Council’s Sanctions list in 2003.

Now, that he has finally laid to rest and hopefully burning in hell, for his heinous crimes against humanity, new details have emerged from Pakistan about the alleged front man of Dawood Ibrahim. Sources have long revealed and speculated that the front man for Dawood Ibrahim is the man name Jaber Motiwalla, responsible for all the wheeling and dealing for the most wanted criminal from Mumbai. But that was just a cover to hide the real face of the real culprit, sources now claims.

According to the new leaks and to everyone’s surprise the front man for the mafia don has been uncovered, finally. And it’s none other the Pakistani famous media person, investigative journalist and TV presenter, Kamran Khan. Famous for his in depth reporting and investigative reports Mr. Khan has been associated with Pakistani media for a long time exposing stories of corruption, crimes and political ills. But at the same time in bed with the most notorious gangster this side of the world has ever seen.

Kamran Khan is a Pakistani journalist and anchorperson currently hosts the political talk show Dunya Kamran Khan Kay Sath on Dunya News. Previously he was with Geo TV where he was used to host nightly show Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath. Prior to joining Dunya in June 2015, he briefly joined Bol Network. Bol Network is an offshoot of Axact an IT company involved in the fake degree scam.

Mr. Khan has been alleged to be a front man and responsible for the property management portfolio for the Mumbai Don. He is believed to have brokered many deals on behalf of Mr. Ibrahim in Pakistan as well as in Middle East. He is mainly responsible for taking care of the property business and assets for Mr. Ibrahim, who has major investment in one of the leading Mall in Karachi, Pakistan through him. According to some sources the book that Mr. Ibrahim maintained and record wagers in was also ironically named after his leading front man, Kamran.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg, as we are about to uncover and expose more facts, stories and exclusive pictures in this regard in coming weeks.